Camolin Iron Double Headboard

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  • Metal frame
  • Traditional classic design
  • Standard Colour : Silver patina with gold highlights and antique brass
  • Handcrafted by the Original Bed Company
Regular Price: £569.00

Camolin Iron Double Headboard | 4'6 | 135cm

The beautiful Camolin Headboard with its brass detailing and silver patina with gold highlight finish is a gorgeously dramatic showpiece that will look stunning in your bedroom. Camolin headboard is a work of art that deserves to become your family heirloom for its hand-built by expert craftsmen using the highest quality materials and featuring exquisite detailing.

The Camolin exhibits many of the same design qualities and styling nuances similar to Ardmore Iron and Brass headboard but in a slightly more masculine and assertive fashion. Heavier antiqued brass detail lends the Camolin an undoubtedly majestic air and assured presence. These quintessentially British designs were loved by our ancestors just as they are still revered today. And it is with great passion for quality and inherent manufacturing detail that we strive to capture those characteristics to bring to you a timeless companion that will bring pleasure across the years. The Camolin have achieved its aims in capturing a flavour of nostalgia and romance to appeal to all the senses.

Available Sizes:

  • 4'6" (Head Height: 55")
  • 5'0" (Head Height: 55")
  • 6'0" (Head Height: 55")

Standard Colour : Silver patina with gold highlights and antique brass.

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