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  • Dimensions: widths from 160 to 400cm (each side)
  • Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm.
  • Adjustable headrest, noiseless slide fitting.
  • Home Cinema with storage space and USB port.
  • Operation of the electrical function by Easy Move buttons, elegant metal switches.

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ROM Remus Sofas

The ROM Remus contemporary sectional sofa is a sophisticated design from innovative manufacturer ROM, Belgium. Designed with a gorgeous modern look and available in a choice of sizes, shapes, colors, leather and fabric options, the range has everything you want! And we're here to help you find your dream sofa—just visit our showroom or give us a call.

Using ROMs inventive and easy to use app, Bedsite can work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for. From sizes to fabrics and accessories, we will take you through everything step by step to make sure you get the most out of your custom made sofa.

Key Features:

  • Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm. Larger sofas or corners (in steps of 20cm), or other combinations than the ones suggested are also possible, on request.
  • Adjustable headrest, noiseless slide fitting.
  • 2 seat depths : S or L (3cm difference).
  • # 2 armrests available : C = Compact or B = Basic.


  • Zero-wall relax option (electric) - wall hugger, no clearance needed. Also available for the Longchair: +/- 20cm.
  • Vario (electric) : +/- 25 cm. Vario: not available for T (Terminal) et L (Longchair). Adjacent seats with Vario option can operate either individually (option charged for each seat) or grouped (option charged only once per seat group). Max. 2 seats grouped.
  • Warm up (heating for seat and lumbar area).
  • Zen (electrically adjustable headrest). Zen: electrically adjustable headrests for the corner element automatically for both headrests and charged twice
  • Battery (one battery pack for all electric options). Choice of the location of charging connector. The battery is not available for Warm up function (seat heating) and Aladin (parametrisation/memorization). The selected element for the location of the charging connector for battery must include at least one electrical option
  • Home Cinema with storage space and USB port. Shelf of the storage space available in 3 colours: white, silver and black.
  • Audiofix (universal speaker bracket and trunking system for the home cinema). Audiofi x: in colours white, silver or black, identical to the shelf of the storage space Home Cinema.
  • Aladin (enables the memorization and retrieval of the favourite position). Aladin: when ordering a sofa / chair or a corner group with at least 3 electrical function, the Aladin Option is available free of charge
  • A USB charging cable is included with each seat that is ordered with an electrical option (between seat and back).
  • Operation of the electrical function by EasyMove buttons, elegant metal switches. Possibility to memorize the favourite position (one per seat).


  • UK : Choice of 2 foams: Fifty5 or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + Fifty5).
  • International : Choice of 3 foams: Bultex (37kg/m³), Biotex (55kg/m³) or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + Biotex foam 55kg/m³).


  • Model available in two tone colour, it is not possible to combine leather and fabric.
  • Leather version with quilted frame.
  • For the leather version, the seats are laminated with a special fleece in order to limit elasticity of the leather and reduce fold formation.


  • Choice of different legs in wood or metal.

ROM Remus

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