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  • Ref: 61517
  • Zero-wall relax function - wall hugger, no clearance needed
  • Hidden release button, inside the armrest
  • Possibility to get a double electric recliner (side by side) in larger corner combinations (D)
  • Vario function (électric) available : +/- 25cm
  • Sofa depth: 108cm
  • Sofa bed available
  • Seat comfort: Reflex foam
  • 2 heights for legs
  • Adjustable headrest (even in the element "C")
  • Battery function available for all the elements, in option
  • Model available in two tone colour

ROM Themis

Key Features:

  • Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm.
  • Zero-wall relax function - wall hugger, no clearance needed.
  • Hidden release button, inside the armrest.
  • Possibility to get a double electric recliner (side by side) in larger corner combinations (D).
  • Vario function (électric) available : +/- 25cm.
  • Choice of 3 foams: Bultex (37kg/m³), Biotex (55kg/m³) or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + Biotex foam 55kg/m³). UK only: Choice of 2 foams: HR-Foam or Boxspring+ (2 layers of pocket springs + HR-Foam).
  • 2 heights for legs.
  • Adjustable headrest (even in the element „C“).
  • Battery function available for all the elements, in option.
  • Model available in two tone colour.
  • Contrast stitching possible (without extra charge). With the fabric Skiro and leather Trentino+: choice between the 12 PRISMO thread colours (contrast stitching PRISMO). With all the other covers: imposed colour, see introduction (contrast stitching STANDARD).
  • With leather models: SeatRefresh system included for free in each seat.
  • Larger sofas or corners (in steps of 20cm), or other combinations than the ones suggested are also possible, on request.

Good to know: 

  • Scatters available separately
  • Bed function. Sleeping area: NN160: 110x200cm, NN180: 130x200cm, NN200: 150x200cm
  • The bed function imposes the choice „high legs“, 5,5cm (P285, P287).
  • Reflex foam: included.
  • Two tone colour: it is not possible to combine leather and fabric.
  • Two tone colour: the higher fabric class fixes the price.
  • Note the impossible corner combinations
  • Contrast stitching only possible for the 2 covers PRISMO (Skiro and leather Trentino+) and leather Montana.
  • If nothing is mentioned on the order, the stitching will be in the standard version, the same colour as the leather.
  • Extra charge for battery function
  • The choice of an optional battery for the element „D“ (double relax électrique dans les salons d‘angle) automatically means 2 batteries extra charged.


  • Fabric or leather: back and seat cushions / frame.
  • Stitching: standard / contrast. If contrast stitching: contrast regular / contrast Prismo (with colour nr).
  • Foam choice: Bultex / Biotex / Boxspring+. UK only: Foam choice: HR-Foam / Boxspring+.
  • Battery option: to mention if chosen
  • Choice of legs

Models Available:

  • Corner Group
  • Sofa
  • Chair

The elegant Themis design of modern living room furniture is a delightful line of beautiful contemporary home furnishings from Europe’s leading manufacturer, ROM. It brings a wonderful sense of style and panache to your home décor, defining your good taste with the superior quality and sophistication. This creative modern furniture design is both luxuriously comfortable and impressively elegant. The spectacular living room sectional sofa offers several convenient and comfortable options, such as a built in recliner, adjustable headrests, an indulgent chaise lounge, and even a very contemporary wrap around bench end. This extraordinary modern living room furniture design also offers a built in sleeper sofa for conveniently accommodating your guests. Designing a beautiful living space is a simple as choosing your favorite options and having your own Themis living room furniture custom crafted just for you. This modern furniture design is a welcome addition to your contemporary living spaces.

Whether you are looking for a modern living room sectional sofa or you prefer to use individual pieces such as a sofa or loveseat, the Themis design provides a wide array of custom options to accommodate your preferences. The beautiful Themis sofa by ROM will serve all of your needs. It is an impressive centerpiece to any room, and when needed it unfolds into a roomy bed for a comfortable night of sleep. It is offered in many different variations, colours, leathers, and styles designed especially to meet your own unique preferences.

Choose from a corner sofa to a chair; choose a "vario" or "relax"; choose a sofa with a bed; choose from a range of fabrics and scatter fabrics to complement; choose chrome legs for the ultimate modern legs for a subtle modern - choose the Themis.

All ROM furniture is manufactured in the family-owned factory in Belgium, from the finest materials and under strict standards of quality, which defines European Craftsmanship. Nothing is outsourced and every set is crafted individually, with you in mind. Sofas, sofa beds, love seats, chairs and tables come in variety of colors and offer a multitude of options: recliners, headrests, footrests and removable covers, Comfort-Bultex cushion filling (the same company that makes seat cushion fillings for Mercedes, BMW and Citroen), feather filling and many other options, modern European design and bold look make ROM furniture a winning choice for any home.

Every single ROM product has great flexibility. Rom enables the customer to achieve the correct dimensions allowing freedom of choice. There is a huge collection of contemporary, modular and chair choices available. ROM furniture is up to the highest standard and with its choice you simply can not go wrong. ROM products are available in variety of options as, sofa bed (sleeper), two tone color, loose cushion covers, headrest available, fabric or leather, choice of legs, sofa or corner sectional configuration

The ROM range allows us to provide you with a wide collection, specific covers, a variation of model ranges, from contemporary to modern or classic furniture.

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