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Welcome to Buoyant Upholstery on Appleyard Interiors. The long-established UK manufacturer provide a comprehensive range of sofas, chairs, corner groups and stools in their living room furniture collection. Can't find what you're looking for? Call our team on 0161639 0994 to talk to our experienced team who are more than happy to help.

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Buoyant Upholstery

From reassuringly traditional favourites to bold, modern fashion statements, Buoyant range is designed to offer something for everyone to maximise its sales potential. Across every single chair or complete suite, each frame is made meticulously and all fabric is stitched with real care and attention to offer outstanding quality and long-lasting comfort. There is real pride in every piece of furniture bearing Buoyant name.

Comfortable and stylish seating is the cornerstone of any living room. If you’re looking for the perfect sofa, Buoyant Upholstery might just have the right one for your home. Expertly crafted using only the best materials and the latest technology in comfort, Buoyant Upholstery sofa suites are built to last, and designed to look stylish no matter the latest trends.

About Buoyant Sofas and Buoyant Chairs

Buoyant Upholstery was founded by Ebenezer Savidge in 1909, and are a company with a proud heritage developing numerous sofas and chairs since the start of the 20th Century. Currently, Buoyant's two production plants deliver to a broad range of retailers in the UK and Ireland.

Originally Buoyant were located in Bridge Street, Sandiacre, near Nottingham until relocation in 1973 to the current factory in Hallam Road, Nelson, near Pendle Hill which is famous for it's association with witchcraft! In March 1999, Buoyant was acquired by the Wade Furniture Group of Long Eaton, near Nottingham.

Buoyant products include a wide range of models in different styles and materials, in a variety of categories such as fabric, leather, sofa beds and corner groups. The development team consistently strive for excellence which can be seen through new designs offering angled sofas as a distinctive alternative to traditional sofas and corner groups.

More than 50 models split into different styles; Modern Living, Transitional and Traditional, to cover all tastes. To give our products greater versatility, the Motion and Function capability can be added as an option to some Buoyant models.

Kenneth and the Buoyant logo

So who is Kenneth? Kenneth is the name given to the Buoyant logo which comprises a rather long-legged man reclining in a comfortable chair. The logo was named after Kenneth Savidge (born in 1921) who was the third son of the company founder, Ebenezer Savidge. Sadly Ebenezer died in 1934 when Kenneth was too young to join the company but his name lived on in the logo. Early advertisements are believed to have featured the line "Kenneth, get out of your seat and let your father sit down". During the 30's, 40's and 50's Kenneth regularly appeared in adverts extolling the virtues of Buoyant Upholstery.

The history of Buoyant upholstery

Buoyant Heritage - In the last century, Buoyant Upholstery developed a wide range of products for consumers, cinemas, theatres, bars, hotels, trains, Selfridges and even Cross Channel Steamers!
Products in the last century: Wood & fabric chairs, lounge bed, settees, armchairs, stools, mattresses, bar seats, cinema seats, train seats, bed settees.

In November 1933, Buoyant developed a new product which was known as a bed settee. It was advertised in “The Cabinet Maker and Complete House Furniture” magazine. According to the magazine, the dual purpose settee was of a perfect structural design that was very easy to convert into a double bed fit for two, yet comfortable to sit in when it reverts back to a settee.

In February 1936, Buoyant advertised in “The Cabinet Maker and Complete House Furniture” to tell people that 1,250 easy chairs and other upholstery pieces were made for the Cunard White Star Line, RMS Queen Mary. It was also featured in the “Shipbuilding and Shipping Record” magazine around May of the same year. In addition Buoyant helped to re-equip the RMS Queen Elizabeth with big easy chairs for the saloons, settees for the lounges and bergères for the cabins. Then on 18th January 1940 during the 2nd World War we had a disastrous fire in the factory at Bridge Street, Sandiacre. Sadly, 2 people died in the fire and production was halted for several weeks. Buoyant Upholstery have appeared in regular advertising campaigns in the past through national newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail culminating in a feature in the Daily Express in November 1955. It was the biggest national campaign we had done since the Second World War.

Why choose Buoyant?

 - High quality build, finish and specification
 - Accurate lead times and efficient delivery service
 - Regular sales support and information for retailers
 - Full two year manufacturers warranty
 - Total quality management systems in production
 - Localised after sales service and support
 - High quality designs with UK track record
 - Fabric & leather models to suit most tastes
 - Almost 100 years experience in designing & producing great sofas & chairs!

Development & Production of sofas Experienced and focussed design resource Exclusive design capabilities Dedicated in-house development team Rapid and high quality turnaround facility Over 400 strong workforce In-house wood-mill and frame shop In-house cutting & sewing teams 'JIT' Cellular based production techniques for efficiency Static, Motion, Electric Motion and Sofa bed capability Buoyant Sophie Buoyant Santini Leather Buoyant Nicole Buoyant Lux Buoyant Leon Buoyant Louisa Buoyant Cadiz Buoyant Balmoral Buoyant Picasso Buoyant Elegance Buoyant Tangent Buoyant Anton Buoyant Park Lane Delivery Info:

Delivery time on all Buoyant upholstery is approximately 6-8 weeks. We have an extensive display of models available to try in our show centre.

Our Delivery Service: Our delivery service is a 2 person delivery in to the room of your choice. Upon receipt of your new Buoyant sofa, chair or sofa bed in to our depot we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient delivery time. Please specify any special delivery requirements or circumstances when placing you order. Made in the UK!

If you'd like to know any more about Buoyant Upholstery please call our showroom on 0161 639 0994.

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